13.7.1. Angel task management and SWIs

Angel SWIs are divided into two main categories:

Table 13.3 gives a summary of the Angel semihosting SWIs. Refer to the descriptions below for more detailed information.

Table 13.3. Angel semihosting SWIs

SYS_OPEN (0x01)SYS_OPEN (0x01)Open a file on the host.
SYS_CLOSE (0x02)SYS_CLOSE (0x02)Close a file on the host.
SYS_WRITEC (0x03)SYS_WRITEC (0x03)Write a character to the debug channel.
SYS_WRITE0 (0x04)SYS_WRITE0 (0x04)Write a string to the debug channel.
SYS_WRITE (0x05)SYS_WRITE (0x05)Write to a file on the host.
SYS_READ (0x06)SYS_READ (0x06)Read the contents of a file into a buffer.
SYS_READC (0x07)SYS_READC (0x07)Read a byte from the debug channel.
SYS_ISERROR (0x08)SYS_ISERROR (0x08)Determine if a return code is an error.
SYS_ISTTY (0x09)SYS_ISTTY (0x09)Check whether a file is connected to an interactive device.
SYS_SEEK (0x0a)SYS_SEEK (0x0a)Seek to a position in a file.
SYS_FLEN (0x0c)SYS_FLEN (0x0c)Return the length of a file.
SYS_TMPNAM (0x0d)SYS_TMPNAM (0x0d)Return a temporary name for a file.
SYS_REMOVE (0x0e)SYS_REMOVE (0x0e)Remove a file from the host.
SYS_RENAME (0xf)SYS_RENAME (0xf)Rename a file on the host.
SYS_CLOCK (0x10)SYS_CLOCK (0x10)Number of centiseconds since support code started.
SYS_TIME (0x11)SYS_TIME (0x11)Number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970.
SYS_SYSTEM (0x12)SYS_SYSTEM (0x12)Pass a command to the host command-line interpreter.
SYS_ERRNO (0x13)SYS_ERRNO (0x13)Get the value of the C library errno variable.
SYS_GET_CMDLINE (0x15)SYS_GET_CMDLINE (0x15)Get the command-line used to call the executable.
SYS_HEAPINFO (0x16)SYS_HEAPINFO (0x16)Get the system heap parameters.
SYS_ELAPSED (0x30)SYS_ELAPSED (0x30)Get the number of target ticks since support code started.
SYS_TICKFREQ (0x31)SYS_TICKFREQ (0x31)Define a tick frequency.
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