5.8.49. LCLL directive

The LCLL directive declares and initializes a local logical variable. Local variables can be declared only within a macro. Possible values of a logical variable are {TRUE} and {FALSE}.


The syntax of LCLL is:

LCLL variable-name



is the name of the variable to set. The name mustbe unique within the macro that contains it. The initial value of the variable is {FALSE}.


See also MACRO directive. The scope of the variable is limited to a particular instantiation of the macro that contains it.

Using LCLL for a variable that is already defined re-initializes the variable to {FALSE}.

Set the value of the variable with the SETL directive. See SETL directive.

See GBLL directive for information on declaring global logical variables.


		MACRO					; Declare a macro
$label		cases		$x			; Macro prototype line
		LCLL		xisodd			; Declare local logical variable
							; xisodd.
xisodd		SETL		$x:MOD:2=1			; Set value of xisodd according 
							; to $x
$label		; code	 
		IF		xisodd			; Assemble following code only
							; if $x is odd.
		; code	
		MEND					; End of macro
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