5.8.25. DCFS directive

The DCFS directive allocates memory for word-aligned single precision floating-point numbers, and defines the initial runtime contents of the memory. Single precision numbers occupy one word and must be word aligned to be used in arithmetic operations.


The syntax of DCFS is:

{label} DCFS fp-constant{,fp-constant}...



is a single precision floating-point value in one of the following forms:

{-}digits E{-}digits

E may also be written in lowercase.


DCFS inserts up to three bytes of padding before the first defined number, if necessary to achieve 4-byte alignment. Use DCFSU if you do not require alignment.

The range for single precision values is:

  • Maximum 3.40282347e+38F

  • Minimum 1.17549435e–38F


		DCFS 		1E3,-4E-9 
		DCFS 		1.0,-.1,3.1E6
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