5.8.60. ROUT directive

The ROUT directive marks the boundaries of the scope of local labels. See Local labels.


The syntax of ROUT is:

{name} ROUT



is the name to be assigned to the scope.


Use the ROUT directive to limit the scope of local labels. This makes it easier for your to avoid referring to a wrong label by accident. The scope of local labels is the whole AOF area if there are no ROUT directives in it. See AREA directive.

Use the name option to ensure that each reference is to the correct local label. If the name of a label or a reference to a label does not match the preceding ROUT directive, the assembler generates an error message and the assembly fails.


			; code
routineaA			ROUT				; ROUT is not necessarily a routine
			; code
3routineA			; code					; this label is checked
			; code
			BEQ		%4routineA			; this reference is checked
			; code
			BGE		%3		; refers to 3 above, but not checked
			; code
4routineA			; code				; this label is checked
			; code
otherstuff			ROUT				; start of next scope
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