1.5.1. New features in Multi-ICE Version 2.2

The new features in Multi-ICE Version 2.2 are:

New processor support
ARM7 cores

ARM7TDMI-S™ (Rev 4), ARM7EJ-S™ (Rev 1), and Samsung S3C4510B.

ARM9 cores

ARM926EJ-S™ (Rev 0), and ARM966E-S™ (Rev 2).

Intel XScale microarchitecture

Intel PXA210, Intel PXA250, and Intel 80321.

New operating system support

Redhat Linux 6.2 and 7.1, Solaris 8.0, and HP-UX 11.

eXDI support

A driver that maps the Microsoft eXDI interface to the ARM RDI protocol is now bundled with Multi-ICE. Using this driver, you can connect to Multi-ICE from Microsoft Platform Builder.

For more information, see the Multi-ICE Installation Guide, and the online documentation that is supplied with the driver.

Support for peripherals and microcontrollers

An extra tab has been added to the configuration dialog for the Multi-ICE DLL. You can use this tab to select a specific target board. The debugger then shows the registers for the peripherals and microcontrollers on the selected board. For more information, see Board configuration tab.

Updated processor description files

Updated processor description files are supplied for use with ADS versions 1.1 and 1.2.

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