1.5.3. New features in Multi-ICE Version 2.1

The new features in Multi-ICE Version 2.1 are:

New processor support
ARM9 cores

ARM922T™ (Rev 0), ARM925T™, and ARM946E-S™ (Rev 1).

New operating system support

Windows Me.

Improved XScale processor support

Changes to the way XScale processors are supported means that it is no longer necessary to reset the processor when connecting to it. See Intel XScale microarchitecture processors for more information.

Improved hardware interface

The Multi-ICE interface unit now includes an external power supply option, enabling it to be connected to systems that cannot supply sufficient power.

Hot-plug support

The new power supply capabilities enable the Multi-ICE interface unit to be plugged into a running target board and the running program analyzed without restarting the target.

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