D.2.6. Summary

This is a summary of the things you must, and must not do when using the XScale microarchitecture processors with Multi-ICE.

Things you must do

You must:

  • wire up the reset signals to the Multi-ICE interface unit

  • put a breakpoint between writing to an exception vector or changing the memory map and the first time the exception can happen

  • use LDR pc, [loc] or B loc instructions in the exception vectors.

Things you must not do

You must not:

  • write programs that branch to address 0x0, or a branch to addresses 0xFFFF0000, for example to simulate a reset

  • use the 2KB of address space from addresses 0x0 or 0XFFFF0000 to store code

  • expect coprocessor zero to show you EmbeddedICE logic registers.

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