2.4.3. Other Multi-ICE server startup features

This section includes more information about starting the Multi-ICE server.

Using the server on a workstation without a TCP/IP stack installed

If there is no TCP/IP stack installed on the workstation when you start the Multi-ICE server for the first time, a warning message is displayed and the Settings item Allow Network Connections is automatically unchecked.

Network settings are remembered between sessions.

Starting without hardware

You can start the Multi-ICE server software without the interface unit being connected. A message box appears containing the text:

Could not find the Multi-ICE hardware. Please check that the hardware is properly connected to the parallel port and powered up

This message is just a warning. To start using the server:

  1. Ensure the interface unit is connected to the parallel port and to the target, and that it is powered.

  2. Load a configuration into the server using File ? Load configuration or File ? Auto-configure.

No network connection

In some circumstances, on machines with no network software installed or with incorrect network settings, the Multi-ICE server terminates immediately after it starts up. This means you have no opportunity to switch off the Allow Network Connections setting (see Using the server on a workstation without a TCP/IP stack installed and Settings menu).

If you experience this problem, run the script Non_tcp_ip.reg (in the Multi-ICE installation directory) by Opening it in Windows Explorer. This prevents the server trying to use the network by switching off the Allow Network Connections setting in the system registry.

Starting the server minimized

You can create a shortcut icon to start the server minimized, as follows:

  1. Right-click over the server icon and choose Create Shortcut.

  2. Right-click over the shortcut and choose Properties.

  3. Click on the Shortcut tab.

  4. Select Minimized from the Run drop-down menu.

  5. Click OK.

To start the server minimized, double click on the shortcut icon.

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