2.4.2. Starting the Multi-ICE server

To start the Multi-ICE server:

  1. Ensure that:

    • the Multi-ICE interface unit is plugged into the workstation

    • the Multi-ICE interface unit is plugged into the target JTAG connector

    • the target is powered up

    • the green power light on the interface unit is glowing brightly.

    For more information refer to Connecting the Multi-ICE hardware.

  2. Select Start ? Programs ? ARM Multi-ICE v2.2 ? Multi-ICE Server.

    The software displays the Multi-ICE server window, shown in Figure 2.6. The portmap application might also be started and minimized, depending on the host computer configuration.

    Figure 2.6. Unconfigured Multi-ICE server window

    Unconfigured Multi-ICE server window
  3. If a dialog box appears informing you that the Multi-ICE hardware cannot be found, click on OK and recheck the items listed in step 1.

  4. Configure the server. This can usually be done using the Autoconfiguration command. Select File ? Auto-configure and wait until the server has examined the target. If the server reports that the device is UNKNOWN then the server has to be configured manually. Refer to Chapter 3 Using the Multi-ICE Server for details of manually configuring the server. If the configuration works, the screen looks similar to Figure 2.7.

    Figure 2.7. Multi-ICE server window configured for an ARM7TDMI

    Multi-ICE server window configured for an ARM7TDMI

    More information on configuration and the autoconfigure command is provided in Server configuration.

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