4.2.2. Connecting ADW and ADU

Use this procedure to activate the Multi-ICE DLL within ADW or ADU.

  1. Start ADW or ADU. The last debug target used, or ARMulator® if the debugger has just been installed, is activated automatically. If the Target Warning dialog appears, click on No. This causes ADW or ADU to activate ARMulator.

  2. Select Options ? Configure Debugger as shown in Figure 4.4.

    Figure 4.4. The ADW and ADU Options menu

    The ADW and ADU Options menu

    The debugger displays a Debugger Configuration dialog similar to Figure 4.5. Select the Target tab.

    Figure 4.5. ADW configuration dialog with Multi-ICE active

    ADW configuration dialog with Multi-ICE active
  3. If Multi-ICE is listed in the Target Environment list as shown in Figure 4.5, go on to step 4.

    If Multi-ICE is not listed:

    1. Select Add. The Open dialog is displayed.

    2. Navigate to the Multi-ICE install directory (for example, C:\Program Files\ARM\Multi-ICE).

    3. Find the file Multi-ICE.dll, and select it as shown in Figure 4.6. Click on the dialog Open button.

      Clicking on Open dismisses the Open dialog and the file path name of the Multi-ICE DLL is displayed in the Target Environment list.

      Figure 4.6. Selecting the Multi-ICE DLL using ADW

      Selecting the Multi-ICE DLL using ADW
  4. Select Configure in the Debugger Configuration dialog. This displays the Multi-ICE Configuration dialog.

  5. Now go to Configuring the Multi-ICE DLL.

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