4.4.1. Configuration using named AXD target configurations

AXD enables you to use one or more named target configurations. This is useful in a multiple processor setup, because you can create one target for each processor and switch between them easily.

To set this up:

  1. Run AXD.

  2. Select Options ? Configure Target... to display the target configuration dialog.

  3. Add Multi-ICE to the list of targets using the Add button if it is not already present, as described in Configuring the Multi-ICE DLL.

  4. Copy the Multi-ICE target configuration to create one target configuration for each processor on the target board, as follows:

    1. Select the Multi-ICE target in the list.

    2. Click Save As to display the target configuration Save dialog.

    3. Enter the new name of the target configuration, as shown in Figure 4.18.

    4. Click OK.

    For example, in a three processor setup you can create two more copies of Multi-ICE called Multi-ICE_TAP1 and Multi-ICE_TAP2, and then you can click Rename to rename the original to Multi-ICE_TAP0.

    Figure 4.18. Saving a named target configuration

    Saving a named target configuration
  5. Configure these targets separately by selecting the name in the Target Environments list and clicking Configure. Refer to Configuring the Multi-ICE DLL for more information.

  6. Click on OK in the AXD Configure Target dialog when you have completed the configuration of each target. AXD will save all the settings for all the targets and connect to the one you selected.

You can now easily swap between the processors in your system by selecting a different target in the target configuration dialog.

Configuring AXD to select a target on startup

In its default configuration, when you run AXD it automatically selects the target that was last in use when you run it. You can change this behavior, so that it brings up the target configuration dialog on startup, rather than connecting to the default target. To do this:

  1. Ensure the Multi-ICE server is correctly configured for your target board.

  2. Run AXD.

  3. Select Options ? Configure Interface…, to display the Interface Configuration dialog.

  4. Disable the Reselect Target option on the Session File tab.

  5. Exit AXD.

Starting AXD from CodeWarrior

The CodeWarrior IDE supplied with ADS provides a button that builds your project and then runs it by starting up AXD automatically. If you have multiple processors AXD always tries to run your project on the most recently used processor. It is therefore recommended that you make the changes described in Configuring AXD to select a target on startup.

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