4.12.2. Reading EmbeddedICE logic registers from ADW

To access the coprocessor zero registers using the ADW GUI, select View ? Registers as shown in Figure 4.23.

Figure 4.23. The View Registers menu

The View Registers menu

Display the Coprocessor dialog box. Enter 0 for Co-processor Number and check the Raw (Unformatted) display option as shown in Figure 4.24.

Figure 4.24. The Display Co-processor Regs dialog

The Display Co-processor Regs dialog

Select OK to display the coprocessor registers window shown in Figure 4.25.

Figure 4.25. EmbeddedICE logic registers in the Raw Co-processor 0 view

EmbeddedICE logic registers in the Raw Co-processor 0 view

The ADW Command Window command cregisters 0 displays the EmbeddedICE logic registers, as shown in Example 4.8.

Example 4.8. Example coprocessor 0 register values

Debug: cregisters 0
c0 = 0x05
c1 = 0x09
c4 = 0x00
c5 = 0x00000000
c8 = 0x516ce8da
c9 = 0xbfdf0ea6
c10 = 0xbff6fd7d
c11 = 0xfbaffbff
c12 = 0x0000
c13 = 0xff
c16 = 0x00000008
c17 = 0x00000003
c18 = 0x7dfeeffb
c19 = 0xffffffff
c20 = 0x0100
c21 = 0xf6
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