4.12.1. Reading EmbeddedICE logic registers from AXD

To access the coprocessor zero registers using the AXD GUI, select Processor Views ? Registers. This displays the registers window, from which you can select the coprocessor zero registers as shown in Figure 4.22.


If you are using ADS v1.0.1 the EmbeddedICE logic registers in the window are not individually named, and appear under the heading CoProc 0.

Figure 4.22. Register view showing EmbeddedICE logic registers

Register view showing EmbeddedICE logic registers

The AXD command line interface command reg displays the registers in a named group. The bank name varies between different versions of AXD:

ADS 1.0.1

The name is Coproc 0

ADS 1.1 or later

The name is EICE

For example, with ADS 1.2, the command registers EICE displays the contents of the EmbeddedICE logic registers, as shown in Example 4.7.

Example 4.7. Displaying coprocessor 0 registers using AXD

Debug >reg EICE
Registers Bank: EICE 
Index   Name    Value 
#1      c0      0x05 
#2      c1      0x0D 
#3      c2      0x1F 
#4      c4      0x00 
#5      c5      0x703008AD 
#6      c8      0x00000000 
#7      c9      0x00000000 
#8      c10     0x00000000 
#9      c11     0x00000000 
#10     c12     0x0000 
#11     c13     0x00 
#12     c16     0x00000000 
#13     c17     0x00000000 
#14     c18     0x00000000 
#15     c19     0x00000000 
#16     c20     0x0000 
#17     c21     0x00 
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