4.2.1. Connecting AXD

Use this procedure to activate the Multi-ICE DLL within AXD using Windows or UNIX.

  1. Select Options ? Configure Target as shown in Figure 4.1.

    Figure 4.1. The AXD Options menu

    The AXD Options menu

    This displays the Choose Target dialog shown in Figure 4.2.

    Figure 4.2. The AXD Choose Target dialog

    The AXD Choose Target dialog
  2. If Multi-ICE is listed in the Target Environments list, select it (by clicking on it) and go on to step 3. If it is not listed:

    1. Select Add. A Windows Open dialog is displayed.

    2. Navigate to the Multi-ICE install directory (for example, C:\Program Files\ARM\Multi-ICE).

    3. Find the file Multi-ICE.dll, select it, and click on the dialog Open button as shown in Figure 4.3.

      Figure 4.3. Selecting the Multi-ICE DLL using AXD

      Selecting the Multi-ICE DLL using AXD

      Clicking on Open dismisses the dialog box.

      The file path name of the Multi-ICE DLL is displayed in the Target Environments list.

  3. Select Configure to display the Multi-ICE configuration dialog.

  4. Now go to Configuring the Multi-ICE DLL.

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