5.1.15. I cannot connect to a Multi-ICE server from the computer that is running it

If you start a Multi-ICE server, and later try to connect to it from the same computer, you might get the error message:

Initialisation failed: Failed to connect to the server application - check location of server.

If this happens, try to connect from a different computer. If this succeeds, it indicates that the cause of the problem is the type of connection to the server.

Connecting on a local machine uses shared memory transfer by default. The protection for this mechanism is stronger than for RPC access. For example, if you start the server logged in as one user, but then attempt to connect to it as a different user, this fails if you use shared memory transfer, but succeeds if you use RPC.

To fix such problems, when you select the Multi-ICE server to debug (see Connect configuration tab), do not click the button labeled This computer. Instead, you must click the Another computer button, and then select your workstation in the Select server location dialog that appears. This forces RPC access, and so local access to the Multi-ICE server behaves the same way as remote access.

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