3.4. Using the Multi-ICE server with multiple processors

If you have more than one processor in your target, Multi-ICE enables you to connect a separate debugger to each of your processors. You can debug code running on each processor entirely independently, setting breakpoints, downloading images, or start and stop processors, without affecting the other processors.

To do this:

  1. Ensure the Multi-ICE server is showing all processors on the target.

  2. Run an instance of your chosen debugger for each processor.

  3. Use the Multi-ICE DLL configuration dialog from each debugger to select the different processors.


If you are using an ARM debugger you can use the debugger session feature to avoid having to configure every debugger separately each time you start. Refer to Configuring and debugging multiple processors for more information.

Using Multi-ICE with multiple processors is described in the following sections:

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