2.1.1. Host software requirements

There are two distinct software components in Multi-ICE:

Table 2.1 identifies the operating systems you can use for each of these components.

Table 2.1. Supported operating systems for Multi-ICE

Operating systemMulti-ICE serverMulti-ICE DLL
Windows 95YesYes
Windows 98YesYes
Windows MeYesYes
Windows NT 4.0 (Intel)YesYes
Windows 2000YesYes
Solaris 2.6, 7.0, or 8.0NoYes
HP-UX 10 or 11NoYes
Redhat Linux 6.2 or 7.1NoYes

The graphical debuggers supplied in v1.0.1 (or later) of ADS, and SDT 2.51 are all compatible with the Multi-ICE DLL, as are debuggers supplied by third parties that conform to the ARM RDI 1.5.1 specification.

If you are running a debugger under UNIX, for example AXD, you must use another computer connected to it that can run the Multi-ICE server software. The workstation running UNIX must have networking software that supports a TCP/IP connection to the Multi-ICE server, and must meet the minimum software requirements specified in the debugger installation notes.

Networking software

If you require remote access to the server, your operating system must be installed with its supplied networking software. If the TCP/IP stack is not present during installation, the following warning text is displayed:

TCP/IP protocol does not appear to have been set up on this computer. Setup will continue. Please install TCP/IP if you want to use Multi-ICE remote access features.

Automatic dialup

Automatic dialup might be triggered when you use Multi-ICE because Multi-ICE uses network facilities. You can prevent unnecessary dialups by either:

  • disabling Allow Network Connections on the Multi-ICE server Settings menu and only using This Computer as the server name in the DLL

  • disabling automatic dialup.

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