5.1.12. When trying to connect Multi-ICE and a logic analyzer to an ARM Integrator board to trace a program, Multi-ICE continually reports "The target is being reset, unable to connect"

The pullup fitted to nSRST on Integrator CM7TDMI boards is a 47KO resistor. This is a relatively weak pullup, and can result in a voltage level on nSRST that Multi-ICE detects as a logic zero (a reset condition). This is more likely to occur when a logic analyzer cable is connected to the trace port because the trace port includes the nSRST signal.

It might be possible to get Multi-ICE to connect by unplugging the analyzer and plugging it back in again. The permanent solution is to replace the pullup resistor R22 with a 10KO device. Follow this procedure to replace the resistor (or contact ARM technical support for assistance):

  1. Remove the 47KO resistor at position R22. R22 is on the top side of the board near the Multi-ICE connector.

  2. Fit a 10KO 0603 resistor at position R22.

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