4.3.7. Channel viewer configuration tab

Channel viewers allow information transferred across the DCC to be manipulated by a program external to the debugger. There is a viewer supplied with ARM debuggers, called ThumbCV, that interprets the words sent over the DCC and displays them in a window. It also provides a text entry area that enables characters to be sent to the target. For more information refer to the ADS Developer Guide.

To see how Multi-ICE buffers the information passed over the DCC channel, refer to Channel viewer buffering in Multi-ICE.

Using channel viewers with AXD

The Multi-ICE configuration dialog Channel Viewers tab is only available when using ADW. The use of channel viewers in AXD is described in the AXD documentation (see the ADS Debuggers Guide).

Using Channel viewers with ADW

Channel viewers can enable the host to monitor the target in more complex ways, or simulate the presence of external sensors. See the ADS Debuggers Guide for more information on channel viewers. The DCC hardware is described in detail in the technical reference manual for the ARM core you are using.

The channel viewer controls shown in Figure 4.17 enable or disable the selected channel viewer DLL.

Figure 4.17. Channel viewer controls

Channel viewer controls


  • You cannot use the channel viewer and DCC semihosting (by setting semihosting_enabled = 2) at the same time because they use the same DCC. Therefore, if you have DCC semihosting enabled, attempting to add or use a channel viewer fails.

  • You cannot use DCC channel viewers with the ARM10 (Rev 0) processor or with XScale microarchitecture processors.

There are three controls. The Enabled checkbox enables the channel viewer functions (and also disables other uses of the DCC). When Enabled is checked, the two buttons Add and Remove allow you to manipulate the list of channel viewer DLLs that are available to Multi-ICE:


Adds a channel viewer DLL.


Removes the selected DLL.

Adding the viewer causes the channel viewer to be initialized and, in the case of the supplied ThumbCV viewer, this creates a new window on the screen.

Channel viewer buffering in Multi-ICE

The Multi-ICE DLL has an internal 1024-word buffer for DCC transfers from the debugger to the target. Data being sent to the target is cached in this buffer until the target program requests it.

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