2.3.2. Nonstandard connectors

The Multi-ICE product is supplied with cables using 20-way IDC sockets wired to the ARM standard. Plugs suitable for this connector are fitted on all current ARM development boards and several third-party target boards. Some ARM development targets, for example the ARM Development Board (PID) CPU header cards, use a 14-way socket that is signal-compatible with the new 20-way socket. An adaptor card is available from ARM on request to allow connection to these boards.

Boards made using the Texas Instruments (TI) JTAG interface definition use the same 14-way IDC connector as the ARM boards, but use a different signal assignment. If you think your target might use this connector (for example, if the board is made by TI), you must check the target board reference manual before using Multi-ICE. An adaptor to allow Multi-ICE to connect to these boards is available from ARM free of charge on request. Quote part number HPI 0068A.

If the target you are using does not use an ARM style connector, or you are involved in designing a target board, refer to the Multi-ICE TAPOp API Reference Guide for more information.

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