1.4.3. The Multi-ICE server

The Multi-ICE server is an application that runs on the Windows workstation connected to the interface unit. The Multi-ICE server can address each JTAG device individually, without affecting other devices on the board. It uses this ability to create virtual connections for each of the JTAG devices on the board. Debugging software can attach to one of these virtual connections, and perform debugging operations with no knowledge of the other devices on the board, as shown in Figure 1.2.

The Multi-ICE server enables multiple concurrent connections, so if you have a target with multiple processors, you can run several debuggers and connect each one to a different processor on the board. This allows you to easily debug multiprocessor systems. The server can also perform a synchronized start or stop of processors, for debugging multiprocessor systems where the processors interact with each other.

Figure 1.2. Connecting multiple debuggers and multiple targets

The Multi-ICE server also supports connections across a network, so the debugging software can be run on a different computer to the server, or on several different computers if that is appropriate.

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