1.3.2. The EmbeddedICE logic

The EmbeddedICE logic is the integrated on-chip logic that provides JTAG debug support for ARM cores. EmbeddedICE/RT is a superset of EmbeddedICE that includes extensions supporting real-time debug, including setting breakpoints on a running target.

The EmbeddedICE logic is accessed through the TAP controller on the ARM core using the JTAG interface. See Chapter 6 System Design Guidelines for details of designing this into your own target.

The standard EmbeddedICE logic consists of:

For more details on the Debug Communications Channel (DCC), see the ADS Developer Guide.

You can program one or both of the watchpoint units to halt the execution of instructions by the ARM CPU core. Execution is halted when a match occurs between the values in the watchpoint registers and the values currently appearing on the address bus, data bus, and selected control signals.

You can mask any bit to prevent it from affecting the comparison. Either watchpoint unit can be configured to be a watchpoint (monitoring data accesses) or a breakpoint (monitoring instruction fetches).

For more information, refer to the relevant section of the appropriate ARM datasheet or a technical reference manual.

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