3.2.1. Automatic device configuration

If all cores in your ASIC are supported ARM cores, Multi-ICE can create the configuration file by scanning the ASIC and creating the file autoconfig.cfg. Do this using the menu item File ? Auto-Configure, or for slower devices use File ? Auto-Configure at 20KHz.

The configuration file contains information on each TAP controller. The Multi-ICE product contains the necessary information on all supported JTAG capable ARM devices. If non-ARM devices are used in the device, you can declare these to Multi-ICE so that they are named in the configuration diagram.

To create a configuration file automatically, select File ? Auto-Configure. Multi-ICE displays a pictorial representation of the devices found and the order in which they appear in the scan chain. Figure 3.8 shows the result of configuring an ARM940T.

Figure 3.8. Autoconfiguring an ARM940T


Autoconfigure issues several system resets while determining the configuration. If this must not be done for your target, you must configure the server manually. Refer to The IRlength.arm configuration file.

Figure 3.8 shows:

Multi-ICE writes the automatically generated configuration to a file as well as loading it for immediate use. The file is written to the Multi-ICE program directory (for example, C:\Program Files\ARM\ARM Multi-ICE\) with the name autoconf.cfg. The file corresponding to the configuration shown in Figure 3.8 is shown in Example 3.1.

Example 3.1. Autoconfig file for an ARM940T

;Total IR length = 4
Auto-detected TAP Configuration
[TAP 0]  ;IR_len=4, ID_code=1F0F0F0F

The file contains the configuration name, an entry for TAP 0 that references the ARM940T, and some timing data. The semicolon ; introduces a comment into the file that continues to the end of the line.

For a detailed description of the contents of this file, see Appendix A Server Configuration File Syntax.


By copying and renaming the automatically generated configuration file you can create a number of different server configurations without having to write your own configuration file or let Multi-ICE reset the board as part of an autoconfigure.

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