3.1.6. Settings menu

The Settings menu allows you to configure the way the server uses the JTAG port, and is shown in Figure 3.6.

Figure 3.6. The Settings menu

The Settings menu

The menu contains the following items:

Port Settings....

Displays a dialog box that you use to select the required parallel port address, with the option of forcing 4-bit access. It also shows the current port mode. Port settings are described in more detail in Parallel port settings dialog.

User Output Bits...

Displays a dialog box to control the user output bits. These bits correspond to two logic-level outputs available from the User Input/Output (I/O) connector (see User output bits dialog and the Multi-ICE TAPOp API Reference Guide). You can use these signals to remotely control user logic at the server location.

JTAG Settings...

Displays a dialog box that you use to set the clock speed. You can select the clock speed from preset frequencies, by using the Set Periods Manually option, or by including the information in a configuration file. See section JTAG settings dialog for more information. If timing information is included in the configuration file, it is selected automatically.

Start-up Options

Displays a dialog box that you use to specify what the server does when it starts up. For more information, see Start-up Options dialog.

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