5.1.3. The debugger reports “Target processor would not enter debug state when requested. Do you want to try asserting System Reset with a breakpoint on address 0?”

The debugger has tried to use Multi-ICE to access the processor, for example, to stop it, but when the Multi-ICE DLL tried to do this the processor did not respond as expected. This could be because:

You can often regain control of the processor by placing a breakpoint on location zero and then resetting the processor, but this cannot be done without resetting the whole of the target, including any other processors connected to the JTAG chain. Therefore, Multi-ICE asks if it is acceptable to do this.


This method of gaining access to the processor does not work properly unless the system reset nSRST and TAP reset line nTRST are connected independently, as described in Chapter 6 System Design Guidelines, because Multi-ICE must be able to program the TAP controller while the processor is in reset.

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