5.1.8. Data aborts or crashes when loading or running applications

The ARM compiler and linker tools use a default code address of 0x8000 so, unless you select an alternative address, there must be usable memory in the target memory map at 0x8000 and above. This is true for the ARM Development Board, the ARM PIE and ARM PIV boards, and the ARM Integrator core modules.

The Multi-ICE DLL has to assume a memory map for the target board when:

By default, the Multi-ICE DLL assumes that there is writable memory between (approximately) 0x60000, and 0x80000. These addresses are valid if the target had 512KB RAM located at the bottom of the address map. The DCC semihosting code is downloaded at 0x70000 by default.

To change the location of the stack and heap you must change the debugger variable top_of_memory. To change where the DCC semihosting handler is located, you must change the debugger variable semihosting_dcchandler_address.

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