Further reading

This section lists publications by ARM Limited, and by third parties, that are related to this product.

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ARM publications

This document contains information that is specific to Multi-ICE. The following documents also relate specifically to Multi-ICE:

  • Multi-ICE TAPOp API Reference Guide (ARM DUI 0154)

  • ARM Multi-ICE Installation Guide (ARM DSI 0005)

  • Multi-ICE file Readme.txt, supplied on the Multi-ICE distribution CD and installed with the product

  • Multi-ICE file proclist.txt, a list of the processors supported by Multi-ICE and installed with the product.

If you are using Multi-ICE with the ARM Developer Suite (ADS) v1.2, refer to the following books in the ADS document suite for information on other components of ADS:

  • Installation and License Management Guide (ARM DUI 0139)

  • Getting Started (ARM DUI 0064)

  • CodeWarrior IDE Guide (ARM DUI 0065)

  • AXD and armsd Debuggers Guide (ARM DUI 0066)

  • Compilers and Libraries Guide (ARM DUI 0067)

  • Linker and Utilities Guide (ARM DUI 0151)

  • Assembler Guide (ARM DUI 0068)

  • Developer Guide (ARM DUI 0056)

  • Debug Target Guide (ARM DUI 0058)

  • Trace Debug Tools User Guide (ARM DUI 0118)

  • ARM Application Library Programmers Guide (ARM DUI 0081).

The following additional documentation that might be useful is provided with the ARM Developer Suite:

  • ARM Architecture Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0100). This is supplied in Dynatext format as part of the online books, and as a PDF file.

In addition, refer to the following documentation for specific information relating to ARM products:

  • ARM Reference Peripheral Specification (ARM DDI 0062)

  • the ARM datasheet or technical reference manual for your hardware device.

Other publications

The following publications might also be useful to you, and are available from the indicated sources:

  • The Intel® XScale™ Core Developer’s Manual, Datasheet, advance information. Ref 27341401-002. Intel Corp. 2000.

  • Hot-Debug for Intel XScale Core Debug, White paper. Ref 273539-002. Intel Corp. 2001.

  • IEEE Standard Test Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture (IEEE Std. 1149.1) describes the JTAG ports with which Multi-ICE communicates.

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