2.2.1. Configuring ARMulator

You can configure some of the details of ARMulator from armsd, or from your GUI debugger (see AXD and armsd Debuggers Guide). The current configurations are announced in the debugger startup banner.

To make other configuration adjustments you must edit copies of .ami files. Six .ami files are supplied with ADS:

These files are located in:

If you write any ARMulator models of your own, you can produce additional .ami files to allow your models to be configured. See ARMulator configuration files for details of how to do this.

When ARMulator is started by a debugger, it reads all the .ami files on any of the paths it finds in the environment variable armconf. This is initially set up to point to install_directory\Bin.

The following sections describe each of the predefined modules in turn, and how they can be configured.


Where there is a conflict between configuration settings in a .ami file, and settings you have made from AXD, the AXD settings take precedence.

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