4.16.1. Interrupt controller

The base address of the interrupt controller, IntBase, is configurable (see Interrupt controller).

Table 4.10 shows the location of individual registers.

Table 4.10. Interrupt controller memory map

IntBase + 004IRQRawStatusReserved
IntBase + 008IRQEnableIRQEnableSet
IntBase + 00CReservedIRQEnableClear
IntBase + 010ReservedIRQSoft
IntBase + 100FIQStatusReserved
IntBase + 104FIQRawStatusReserved
IntBase + 108FIQEnableFIQEnableSet
IntBase + 10CReservedFIQEnableClear

Interrupt controller defined bits

The FIQ interrupt controller is one bit wide. It is located on bit 0.

Table 4.11 gives details of the interrupt sources associated with bits 1 to 5 in the IRQ interrupt controller registers. You can use bit 0 for a duplicate FIQ input.

Table 4.11. Interrupt sources

BitInterrupt source
0FIQ source
1Programmed interrupt
2Communications channel Rx
3Communications channel Tx
4Timer 1
5Timer 2


Timer 1 and Timer 2 can be configured to use different bits in the IRQ controller registers, see Timer.

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