2.2. ARMulator components

ARMulator consists of a series of modules, implemented as Dynamic Link Libraries (.dll files) for Windows, or as Shared Objects (.so files for Linux or Solaris, .sl files for HPUX).

The main modules are:

There are alternative predefined modules for each of these parts. You can select the combination of processor and memory model you want to use.

One of the predefined memory models, mapfile, allows you to specify a simulated memory system in detail. mapfile allows you to specify narrow memories and wait states (see Memory modelling with mapfiles).

In addition there are predefined modules which you can use to:

You can use different combinations of predefined modules and different memory maps (see Configuring ARMulator).

You can write your own modules, or edit copies of the predefined ones, if the modules provided do not meet your requirements. For example:

The source code of some modules is supplied. You can use these as examples to help you write your own modules (see Chapter 3 Writing ARMulator models).

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