4.10.3. Hostif_RaiseError

Several initialization and installation functions can return errors of type ARMul_Error. These errors must be passed through Hostif_RaiseError(). This is a printf-like function that formats the error message associated with an ARMul_Error error code.

Hostif_RaiseError only prints the error message. After calling this function, the model must return with an appropriate error, such as RDIError_UnableToInitialise.

Hostif_RaiseError must only be used during initialization.


void Hostif_RaiseError(const struct RDI_HostosInterface *hostif,                      const char *format, ...)



is the handle for the host interface.


is the error code for the error message to be formatted.


are printf-style format specifiers of variadic type.

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