4.14.2. Processors

The processors region is a child ToolConf database (see ToolConf). It has a full list of processors supported by the ARMulator. This list is the basis of the list of processors in AXD, and the list of accepted arguments for the -processor option of armsd.

You can add a variant processor to this list, for example to include a particular memory model in the definition. See install_directory\Bin\example1.ami for examples.

Default specifies the processor to use if no other processor is specified. Each other entry in the Processors region is the name of a processor.

Example 4.2 declares two processors, TRACED_ARM10 and PROFILED_ARM7. In this example, MCCFG is the ratio of the clock frequency on the processor to the clock frequency on the external bus.

Example 4.2. Processors in a toolconf file

    ;Memory clock divisor.
    ;(The AHB runs this many times slower than the core.)
          ;; Output options - can be plaintext to file, binary to file or to RDI log
          ;; window. (Checked in the order RDILog, File, BinFile.)
          ;; Tracer options - what to trace
          ;; Flags - disassemble instructions; start up with tracing enabled.
;End Processors

Finding the configuration for a selected processor

ARMulator uses the following algorithm to find a configuration for a selected processor:

  1. Set the current region to be Processors.

  2. Find the selected processor in the current region.

  3. If the tag has a child, that child is the required configuration.

Adding a variant processor model

Suppose you have created a memory model called MyASIC, designed to be combined with an ARM7TDMI® processor core to make a new microcontroller called ARM7TASIC. To allow this to be selected from AXD, or armsd, add a .ami file modeled on example1.ami.

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