4.14. ARMulator configuration files

This section contains the following subsections:

ARMulator configuration files (.ami files) are ToolConf files. See ToolConf.

Depending on your system, these are located in one of:

You can make copies of .ami files, and edit them. Make a suitable directory for your new .ami files, and add its path to the ARMCONF environment variable. Ensure that your directory appears before the bin directory in ARMCONF.

By default, there are the following .ami files, all in the Bin directory:

ARMulator loads all .ami files it finds on any of the paths it finds in the environment variable ARMCONF. This is initially set up to point to install_directory\Bin or install_directory/arch/bin.

If a configuration is specified differently in two files, the first specification is used. If there are several directories in ARMCONF, ARMulator loads .ami files from directories in the order that they appear in the list. ARMulator loads .ami files from within each directory in an unpredictable order.

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