2.4.1. Configuring Profiler

Profiler has its own section in peripherals.ami, the ARMulator peripherals configuration file:

{ Default_Profiler=Profiler
;; For example - to profile the PC value when cache misses happen, set:
;;Alternatives for Type are
;;  Event, Cycle, Microsecond.
;;If type is Event then alternatives for EventWord are
;;  Word1,Word2,PC.

Every line in this section is a comment, so the ARMulator will perform its default profiling. The default is to take profiling samples at intervals of 100 microseconds. Refer to AXD and armsd Debuggers Guide for further information.

If this section is uncommented, data cache misses are profiled. See Events for more information.

The Type entry controls how the profiling interval is interpreted:


instructs Profiler to take samples every n microseconds. This is the default.


instructs Profiler to take samples every n instructions, and record the number of memory cycles since the last sample.


instructs Profiler to profiles every relevant events, see Events. n is ignored.

EventMask=mask,value is also allowed (see Tracer).

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