4.14.1. Predefined tags

Before reading .ami files, ARMulator creates several tags itself, based on the settings you give to the debugger. These are given in Table 4.7. Preprocessing directives in .ami files use these tags to control the configuration.

Table 4.7. Tags predefined by ARMulator

CPUSpeedSet to the speed set in the configuration window of AXD, or in the -clock command line option for armsd. For example, CPUSpeed=30MHz.
FCLKSet to the same value as CPUSpeed, if that value is not zero. Not set if CPUSpeed is zero.
MCLKSet to the same value as FCLK for uncached cores. Set to FCLK/MCCFG for cached cores.
ByteSexSet to L or B if a bytesex is specified from the debugger. Not set otherwise.
FPESet to True or False from the debugger.
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