2.6.1. Overview of the pagetable module

The pagetable module enables you to run code on a model of a system with a Memory Management Unit (MMU) or a Protection Unit (PU), without having to write initialization code for the MMU or PU.


This module allows you to debug code, or perform approximate benchmarking. For a real system. you must write initialization code to set up the MMU or PU. You can debug your initialization code on the ARMulator by disabling the pagetable module.

On models of ARM architecture v4 and v5 processors with an MMU, the pagetable module sets up pagetables and initializes the MMU. On processors with a PU, the pagetable module sets up the PU. To control whether to include the pagetable model, find the Pagetables tag in the ARMulator configuration file, default.ami, and alter it as appropriate:



{ Pagetables=No_Pagetables

The Pagetables section in peripherals.ami controls the contents of the pagetables, and the configuration of the caches and MMU or PU. To locate the Pagetables section, find this line:


For full details of the flags, control register and pagetables described in this section, see ARM Architecture Reference Manual, or the technical reference manual for the processor you are simulating.

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