2.2.6. Changes to armar and fromELF

This section describes:

New armar behavior

The following behavior is new to ADS 1.2:

  • Libraries can be merged together into a new library. If one or more of the files in the input list is a library, armar copies all members from the input library to the destination library. The order of entries on the command line is preserved.

New fromELF options

This section gives a brief summary of new fromELF options for ADS 1.2. Refer to the ADS Linker and Utilities Guide for detailed information. The following fromELF option is new for ADS 1.2:


This option produces an armasm file to the standard output that contains the C or C++ structure and class member offsets of the input ELF file. The input ELF file can be a relocatable object or an image.

Intellec Hex Format

The Intellec Hex format (IHF) is deprecated and will not be supported in future releases of the toolkit.

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