4.1.1. Converting APM project files (Windows only)

SDT projects are managed using the ARM Project Manager (APM). ADS projects are managed using the CodeWarrior IDE.

You cannot use existing APM projects, and there is no automatic way to convert APM .apj project files to CodeWarrior IDE .mcp project files. You must convert APM projects manually.

To convert an APM project to the CodeWarrior IDE:

  1. Start the ARM Project Manager.

  2. Select APM… from the Tools menu to display the APM preferences panel.

  3. Select the Echo command lines verbosely checkbox.

  4. Rebuild your project. The project log window displays the command line used to invoke each tool.

  5. Copy and paste the assemble, compile, and link lines into a temporary text file. For example:

    [armcc -O1 -echo -W -g+ -MD -DMSC_CLOCK -Ic:\ARM251\INCLUDE]


    Do not copy out of the tool configuration windows. The options you can see by opening the window at a certain level in the tree might change further down the tree.

  6. Edit the text file to remove the square brackets [ ] and any APM-specific options such as -echo and -MD.

    If there are references to files, such as header files or library files, in the SDT installation directory (for example, ARM251) you might need to change these to point to the ADS installation directory instead.

  7. Check any other assembler, compiler, and linker options displayed on the command line. Some of the defaults have changed. See the appropriate sections in Moving your development project from SDT to ADS for more information on how default compiler, linker, and assembler options have changed between SDT and ADS.

  8. Create a new CodeWarrior project. See Using the CodeWarrior IDE for an introduction to the CodeWarrior IDE. See the CodeWarrior IDE Guide for detailed information.

  9. Copy the corrected lines from the text file into the Equivalent Command Line box of the Target Settings dialog for each tool. See CodeWarrior IDE Guide for more information.

Alternatively, use the text file as the basis of a makefile. You must edit the text files so that it complies with your makefile format.

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