3.2.1. Creating a new project from ARM project stationery

To create a new project, and compile and link an application using the CodeWarrior IDE:

  1. Select Programs ? ARM Developer Suite v1.2 ? CodeWarrior for ARM Developer Suite from the Windows Start menu to start the CodeWarrior IDE.

  2. Select New… from the File menu. A New dialog is displayed (see Figure 3.1).

    Figure 3.1. New dialog

    New dialog
  3. Ensure that the Project tab is selected. The available ARM project stationery is listed in the left of the dialog (see Figure 3.1), along with the Empty Project stationery and the Makefile Importer Wizard.

    See the CodeWarrior IDE Guide for more information on using empty projects and the Makefile Importer Wizard.

  4. Select ARM Executable Image from the list of project stationery.

  5. Click the Set… button next to the Location field. A Create New Project dialog is displayed (see Figure 3.2).

    Figure 3.2. Create New Project dialog

    Create New Project dialog
  6. Navigate to the directory where you want to save the project and enter a project name, for example My_Project. Leave the Create Folder checkbox selected.

  7. Click Save. The CodeWarrior IDE sets the Project Name field and Location path in the New dialog box. The Location path is used as a default when you create additional projects.

  8. Click OK. The CodeWarrior IDE creates a new project based on the ARM Executable Image project stationery, and displays a new project window with the Files view selected (Figure 3.3).

    Figure 3.3. New project

    New project
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