3.3.1. Using the compilers from the command line

There are four compiler variants as shown in Table 3.1:

Table 3.1. Compiler variants

Compiler nameCompiler variantSource languageCompiler output
armccCC32-bit ARM code
tccCC16-bit Thumb code
armcppC++C or C++32-bit ARM code
tcppC++C or C++16-bit Thumb code

Building an example

Sample C source code for a simple application is in install_directory\Examples\embedded\embed\main.c.

To build the example from the command line:

  1. Compile the C file main.c with either:

    armcc -g -O1 -c main.c (for ARM)

    tcc -g -O1 -c main.c   (for Thumb)



    Tells the compiler to add debug tables.


    Tells the compiler to select the best possible optimization while maintaining an adequate debug view.


    Tells the compiler to compile only (not to link).

  2. Link the image using the following command:

    armlink main.o -o embed.axf 



    Specifies the output file as embed.axf.

  3. Use armsd or AXD to load and test the image.

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