3.6.1. Starting AXD

Start AXD in any of the following ways:

Loading an image

If you start AXD from the CodeWarrior IDE, or specify an image name on the DOS command line, an image is already loaded into AXD. Use File ? Load Image to load a new image (Figure 3.14).

Figure 3.14. Loading an image

Loading an image

Stepping through an application

Use Execute ? Step to step through the application (Figure 3.15).

Figure 3.15. The Execute menu

The Execute menu

The disassembled code is displayed and a pointer indicates the current position (Figure 3.16). Use Step (F10) to execute the next instruction.

Figure 3.16. Disassembly


Processor view

Use the Processor Views menu to monitor the program data during the debug (Figure 3.17).

Figure 3.17. Processor Views menu

Processor Views menu

For example, use Processor Views ? Registers to display a dialog showing the register contents (Figure 3.18).

Figure 3.18. Viewing register contents

Viewing register contents
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