4.7.1. _sys_exit()

The library exit function. All exits from the library eventually call _sys_exit().


void _sys_exit(int return_code);


This function must not return. You can intercept applicationexit at a higher level by either:

  • Implementing the C library function exit() as part of your application. You lose atexit() processing and library shutdown if you do this.

  • Implementing the function __rt_exit(int n) as part of your application. You lose library shutdown if you do this, but atexit() processing is still performed when exit() is called or main() returns.


This function is called if a stack overflow occurs. If you reimplement this function and include a stack check as part of the code, the overflow causes an immediate return to _sys_exit() causing a worse stack overflow. It is not recommended that this function performs stack checking.


The return code is advisory. An implementation might attempt to pass it to the execution environment.

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