4.8. Tailoring storage management

This section describes the functions from rt_heap.h that you can define if you are tailoring memory management. There are also two helper functions that you can call from your heap implementation.

See the rt_heap.h and rt_memory.s include files for more information on memory-related functions.


Users who are developing embedded systems with limited RAM might require a system that does not use the heap or any heap-using functions. Other users might require their own heap functions. There are two library functions that can be included to cause a warning message if the heap is used:


Guards against use of malloc(), realloc(), free(), and any function that uses those (such as calloc() and stdio).


Has the same properties as __use_no_heap(), but in addition, guards against other things that use the heap memory region. For example, if you declare main() as a function taking arguments, the heap region is used for collecting argc and argv.

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