C.4. Minor features of language support

Table C.1 shows the minor features of the language supported by this release of ARM C++.

Table C.1. Minor feature support for language

Minor featureSupport
atexitImplemented as defined in The Annotated C++ Reference, Addison-Wesley, 1991.
Runtime type identification (RTTI)Partial. Typeid is supported for static types and expressions with non-polymorphic type. See also the restrictions on new style casts.
New style castsPartial. ARM C++ supports the syntax of new style casts, but does not enforce the restrictions. New style casts behave in the same manner as old style casts.
Array new/deleteYes.
Nothrow newYes
bool typeYes.
wchar_t typePartial, an implicit typedef for unsigned short.
explicit keywordYes.
Static member constantsYes.
extern inlineYes.
Full linkage specificationYes.
for loop variable scope changeYes.
Covariant return typesYes (but not for non-leftmost base classes).
Default template argumentsPartial (args not dependent on other template args).
Template instantiation directiveYes.
Template specialization directiveYes.
typename keywordYes.
Member templatesYes.
Partial specialization for class templateYes.
Partial ordering of function templatesYes.
Universal character namesNo.
Koenig lookupNo.
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