1.2.2. The C and C++ libraries

ADS provides the following runtime C and C++ libraries:

The ARM C libraries

The ARM C libraries provide standard C functions, and helper functions used by the C and C++ libraries. The C libraries also provide target-dependent functions that are used to implement the standard C library functions in a semihosted environment. The C libraries are structured so that you can redefine target-dependent functions in your own code to remove semihosting dependencies.

Rogue Wave C++ library

The Rogue Wave C++ library provides standard C++ functions and objects such as cout(). For more information on the Rogue Wave libraries, see the Rogue Wave HTML documentation. There are no target dependencies in the C++ library. The C++ libraries use the C libraries to provide target-specific support.

Support libraries

The ARM C libraries provide additional components to enable support for C++ and to compile code for different architectures and processors.

The C and C++ libraries are provided as binaries only. There is a variant of the ANSI C library for each combination of major build options, such as the ATPCS variant selected, the byte order of the target system, and the type of floating point. See Chapter 4 The C and C++ Libraries for more information on the libraries.

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