4.6.1. Selecting locale at link time

The locale subsystem of the C library can be selected at link time or extended to be selectable at runtime. The following points describe the use of locale categories by the library:


To select an ISO8859-1 (Latin-1 alphabet) locale category, include a call from your application to the functions shown in Table 4.6.

Table 4.6. Default locales

__use_iso8859_ctype()Selects the ISO8859-1 (Latin-1) classification of characters (this is essentially 7-bit ASCII, except that the top-bit-set character codes 160-255 represent a selection of useful European punctuation characters, letters, and accented letters).
__use_iso8859_collate()Selects the strcoll/strxfrm collation table appropriate to the Latin-1 alphabet. The default C locale does not require a collation table.
__use_iso8859_monetary()Selects the Sterling monetary category using Latin-1 coding.
__use_iso8859_numeric()Selects separating thousands with commas in the printing of numeric values.
__use_iso8859_locale()Selects all the above iso8859 selections.

There is no ISO8859-1 version of the LC_TIME category.

The C library tests for the existence of the callout function before calling it. If the function does not exist, a default action is taken.

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