5.2.2. Conversions between floats, doubles, and ints

The routines in Table 5.2 perform conversions between number formats, excluding long longs.

Table 5.2. Number format conversion routines

FunctionArgument typeResult type
_ffltuunsigned intfloat
_dfltuunsigned intdouble
_ffixufloatunsigned inta
_ffixu_rfloatunsigned int
_dfixudoubleunsigned inta
_dfixu_rdoubleunsigned int

[1] Rounded toward zero, independently of the current rounding mode. This is because the C standard requires implicit conversions to integers to round this way, so it is convenient not to have to change the rounding mode to do so. Each function has a corresponding function with _r on the end of its name, that performs the same operation but rounds according to the current mode.

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