2.1.1. Code examples

There are a number of code examples in this chapter. Many of them are supplied in the examples\asm directory of the ADS.

Follow these steps to build, link, and execute an assembly language file:

  1. Type armasm -g filename.s at the command prompt to assemble the file and generate debug tables.

  2. Type armlink filename.o -o filename to link the object file and generate an ELF executable image.

  3. Type armsd filename to load the image file into the debugger.

  4. Type go at the armsd: prompt to execute it.

  5. Type quit at the armsd: prompt to return to the command line.

To see how the assembler converts the source code, enter:

    fromelf -text/c filename.o

or run the module in AXD with interleaving on.


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