Example AMBA ™ SYstem UserGuide

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1. Introduction
1.1. ASB-based EASY systems
1.2. Structure of the EASY system
1.2.1. EASY system blocks
1.2.2. EASY components
1.2.3. AMBA bus master logic
1.2.4. Standard EASY component modifications
1.3. General system structure
1.3.1. The file structure
1.3.2. The system hierarchy
1.3.3. The system connection layout
2. Initialization
2.1. System setup
3. Simulation
3.1. Simulation setup
3.2. System compilation
3.3. TBTic test bench
3.3.1. Setting the TBTic clock frequency
3.3.2. Inputting data to the TBTic test bench
3.4. TBEasy test bench
3.4.1. External memory module
3.4.2. Setting the TBEasy clock frequency
3.4.3. Program message and simulation termination control
3.4.4. Inputting data to the TBEasy test bench
3.5. Simulation messages
3.5.1. Startup messages
3.5.2. ARM core messages
3.5.3. Buswatcher messages (ASB only)
3.5.4. TICTalk messages
3.5.5. Netlist messages
3.5.6. Other messages
3.6. Test programs
3.6.1. easy_c.c
3.6.2. easy_asm.s
3.7. Setup to simulate a synthesized EASYsystem
3.7.1. Setting up a cell library
3.7.2. Simulating the system files
4. ASB Synthesis
4.1. Synthesizing the EASY system
4.2. EASY synthesis process
4.2.1. Requirements for the default EASYsystem for synthesis
4.2.2. Purpose of synthesis scripts
4.2.3. ASB synthesis scripts
4.3. Synthesizing new ASB modules
5. AHB Synthesis
5.1. Synthesizing the EASY system
5.2. EASY synthesis process
5.2.1. Requirements for the default EASYsystem for synthesis
5.2.2. Purpose of synthesis scripts
5.2.3. System synthesis scripts
5.2.4. Synthesis timing constraints
5.2.5. Synthesis results
5.2.6. Using a different technology celllibrary
5.3. Synthesizing new AHB modules
A. HDL Libraries and Dependencies
A.1. AHB VHDL files
A.2. AHB Verilog file
A.3. ASB VHDL files
A.4. ASB Verilog files

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