2.3.5. Installing a floating permanent license

You must install a permanent floating license file on each ADS workstation and on each license server.

You usually use the permanent license file you received from ARM Limited to install a license file called license.dat in the licenses subdirectory of the ADS installation directory of an ADS workstation.

If you have multiple license files for ARM products, or if you want to save the license file in a different location, you must set the environment variable ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE to hold the names of the license files.

In exceptional circumstances, the license file can have another name, and can be stored in another place on a workstation. If so, its path and name must be defined in environment variable ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE (see also License apparently missing).

Windows workstation

If the workstation runs under Windows you can use the ARM License Wizard to install your permanent license, as follows:

  1. Select Start ? Programs ? ARM Developer Suite v1.2 ? ARM License Wizard.

  2. Click the Next button.

  3. Ensure that Install License is selected and click the Next button.

  4. Use the Browse button to locate and select the permanent license file you have received, and click the Next button.

  5. Select the ...ADSv1_2\licenses\license.dat entry from the License File List (where ...ADSv1_2 is your ADS installation directory), and click the Next button.

  6. Click the Finish button.

UNIX or Linux workstation

If you are running ADS on a UNIX or Linux workstation, you must perform the installation manually, as follows:

  1. Save the contents of the license file you received in a file called license.dat in the licenses subdirectory of the ADS Installation directory.

A single UNIX or Linux computer running ADS must have a floating license. It is permissible for a UNIX or Linux computer to run both the FLEXlm server software and the ADS applications software.

License management server

When any license-managed ADS feature is invoked from a workstation with a floating license, the workstation seeks permission from a server listed in the license file. FLEXlm server software must be installed and running on each server listed in the license file, and each server must have access to a license file on a local files system.

To install a permanent license on a license server, place a copy of the permanent license file in the same directory as the FLEXlm license management software.

You do not have to install ADS if the computer is acting only as a license management server.

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